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Welcome to the Marekerk 


As Marekerk Translation Team we want to welcome you and provide you with English information during the morning services. We write messages for guests and visitors through a WhatsApp-group called Marekerk Translation.

Join our Marekerk Translation WhatsApp-group


As the Marekerk respects the rules of GDPR/AVG, we consider the following:

1. Your phonenumber will not be used for any other purpose than this WhatsApp-group, as far as users of the app consider these conditions.

2. It’s your own responsibility to quit the group as soon as you want to.

3. It is prohibited to use or copy any of the phonenumbers shown in the WhatsApp-group.

4. There is no WiFi in the church building (yet). So, the costs of using internet is on your personal account.

5. By continuing with the underneath link, you accept these conditions and you will be joining the WhatsApp-group Marekerk Translation. 


You can easily join our WhatsApp-group Marekerk Translation by using the URL: bit.ly/mktranslation on your smartphone or tablet in your browser, or by tapping the link. WhatsApp (if installed) will automatically open this group-chat.

PLEASE turn off or MUTE the sound of your phone, for at least this WhatsApp-group, so no sounds are heard during the service.

Give a thumb at 9.59 to show you are waiting for translation. So, we know we are not translating in vain.

Please take the following in consideration:


The Marekerkgemeente is a member of the Protestantse Kerk Nederland (PKN) and part of the Protestante Gemeente Leiden (PGL). We confess Jesus Christ, the Messiah as our Lord and Savior. For more information about the PKN click here (only in Dutch).


The translation is done by volunteers, mostly by typing on their smartphone or tablet. So it takes time and effort to listen and type, and the text might contain errors. We apologise for that, and ask for your consideration.


It is our aim to inform you about what is happening during the service, and to provide at least a summary of what is said from the pulpit.

We write texts only. No pictures are sent, considering your internet costs.

Informal contact

After the service you are invited to drink a cup of tea or coffee or lemonade for free, and talk with anyone. At the entrance/exit you’ll find the Welcome Team, that might connect you with anyone you would prefer.

If you need personal prayer, then you can come to a smaller table behind the pulpit. There, some church members wearing a yellow key-cord, are willing to talk and pray with you.

Have a blessed time and encounter with God and people. We hope you feel at home at this Protestant church: The Marekerk.

The Marekerk Translation Team

For more information about our church and community, check on www.marekerk.nl (only in Dutch)


Now go bit.ly/mktranslation

to start and join WhatsApp in the Marekerk Translation group-app.


Recent update: 25/05/2019